Volunteer Forces Unit

Message from Sheriff Chad Bianco:

As the Sheriff of Riverside County, I fully believe in the value of a Volunteer Program and welcome you to join our law enforcement family. There are many avenues available to fulfill the goal of making Riverside County a better and safer place to live and I encourage you to explore all we have to offer. Public safety is everybody’s business and volunteers play a key role in helping law enforcement keep our communities and citizens safe.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to research our various programs and I look forward to your future participation.

For general questions regarding our Volunteer Forces Unit, please contact us via email here.

  1. Chaplain Corps
  2. Citizen Volunteers
  3. Mounted Posse
  4. Reserve Deputy Sheriff
  5. Search and Rescue

The Chaplain Corps is comprised of various clergy from throughout the county who have a heart for those in Law Enforcement. The chaplains are pastors, priests and religious leaders in their communities who volunteer their time to support the men and women working in the Sheriff’s Office. Training and experience in handling emotional situations also enable the chaplains to assist deputies on patrol with calming distraught family members or by just being a shoulder for someone to cry on.  

Want to become part of this elite team? Qualifications to be a Sheriff’s Chaplain generally include:

  • Strong faith, great love, and concern for people.
  • Sufficient education and training.
  • A broad base of life and ministry experience.
  • Demonstrable emotional stability and personal flexibility.
  • A confident personality, an approachable spirit, and an amiable disposition.
  • Genuine love, concern, and compassion for those in law enforcement.
  • A willingness to invest in specialized training.

To learn more about the Sheriff’s Chaplain program, contact the Volunteer Forces Unit.