Awards & Honors

Formally recognizing and honoring persons who have performed commendable acts and/or services for the Sheriff’s Department or the community is an important process for the Office of the Sheriff. Sheriff’s Department personnel, members of other law enforcement agencies, and private citizens who have performed commendable acts or services for the Department, or for their fellow citizens are recognized in annual awards presentation ceremonies.

When a commendable act has clearly met or exceeded the award criteria and fit within the established guidelines for recognition any of the following awards and commendations may be considered by the Department Awards Committee.

Medal of HonorMedal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is given posthumously to a Department member who dies from injuries received while on-duty or acting in an official capacity as a member of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. It is presented to surviving family members.

Medal of ValorMedal of Valor

The Medal of Valor is the Department’s highest award and may be awarded to Department members who distinguish themselves by conspicuous heroism under exigent or life-threatening conditions, and consciously perform acts of bravery or other outstanding feats while facing imminent danger.

Medal of CourageMedal of Courage

The Medal of Courage is awarded to department members who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism performed at great personal risk to life or limb. These acts shall demonstrate great courage while facing extreme danger, but to a lesser degree than required for the Medal of Valor.

Lifesaving AwardLifesaving Award

The medal for Lifesaving is awarded to department members or members of another law enforcement agency who personally perform acts that save human lives. The acts need not be performed under conditions requiring bravery or exposure to great personal risk. To be considered, the person having been saved need not sustain life in the long term, but by the deliberate act of the department member, must have been prevented from dying at the time and place that the act or aid was performed.

Distinguished ServiceDistinguished Service

The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to members of this department who have demonstrated exceptional service over a prolonged period. This award is not intended to recognize length of service. Demonstrated achievements and exceptional performance of duty are clearly above that which would normally be expected and has contributed materially to the mission of the department.