Deputy Henry Frederick Nelson

Medal of Honor - Deputy Henry Frederick NelsonNelson

January 2, 1874 to September 22, 1921

Deputy Henry Nelson was employed with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department for fourteen and a half years. He was hired on January 7, 1907, and worked out of Riverside. Deputy Nelson’s law enforcement career was with the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and he did not work with any other law enforcement agencies.

On September 22, 1921, Deputy Nelson and Deputy Theodore Crossley went to investigate a charge of hay theft in Bellville (a settlement north of Riverside). When they arrived at the scene, one suspect began shooting at the deputies. Both deputies were killed. Two suspects were later captured.

Life Before ShootingMedal of Honor

Deputy Theodore Crossley was the owner of a car dealership, which was located at the corner of Eleventh and Main Streets. He was deputized by Sheriff F. P.Wilson when he was elected.

Deputy Nelson was survived by his wife and three children. He was also survived by his mother and three brothers. Deputy Nelson was born in Andover, Illinois.