Unidentified Victim Details

Unidentified ID:U10-127
Race:Caucasian to include Hispanic 
Place Found / Died:He died at Miravilla care home in Beaumont, CA.
Date Died:July 22, 2010
Estimated Age:Approximately 39 years old
Hair / Eyes:Black hair and brown eyes
Hair Length:Worn short, approximately one to two inches long
Height / Weight:5’ 4” (64 inches) and 141 lbs
Location of Incident:He died at Miravilla care home in Beaumont, CA.
Features or Distinguishing Marks:None noted.
Clothing:None (in hospital pajamas for years)

Unnamed friend dropped him off at Martin Luther King Medical Center in Los Angeles and told them that the victim was named Salvador Jimanaz and that he overdosed on drugs. He was admitted and no family was ever located for him. He suffered seizure disorder and organic brain syndrome, believed related to drug use. He was transferred to a board and care home in Beaumont. When he died the County Public Administrator was notified and was unable to establish his identification through search or fingerprints.

2010_05719 Sketch
2010_05719 Dental Records
2010_5719 Finger Prints