Unidentified Victim Details

Unidentified ID:U09-218
Race:Caucasian to include Hispanic 
Place Found / Died:Died at the El Cerrito Road off ramp of I-15 freeway, El Cerrito, CA.
Date Died or Found: September 21, 2009
Estimated Age:It is believed that this woman was between 40 and 50 years of age.
Hair / Eyes:Light to medium-brown, wavy hair and brown eyes.
Hair Length:Her hair was below her shoulders.
Height / Weight:5 feet 1 inch (61 inches) and 117 pounds
Location of Incident:The location of her injury is the same as her death, on the I-15 freeway, Riverside County.
Features or Distinguishing Marks:No scars, tattoos or disfigurements were noted to her body. She appeared unkempt with mismatched clothing and unwashed hair and nails.
Clothing:She was wearing light blue denim pants (Levi-style) size 12 with the pant legs rolled up, a gray T-shirt with no markings (size large), white and blue Avia sneakers (size 10) and white socks. She had no identification, purse, or personal items with her.
Circumstances:This woman was struck by multiple vehicles as she attempted to cross a freeway off ramp in the early morning hours. No one has inquired about her and her fingerprints were submitted for identification with negative results.