Unidentified Victim Information

Unidentified ID:06-332
Date Died or Found:November 19. 2006
Place Found / Died:Open desert, south of the I-10 freeway, west of Wileys Well Road, near Blythe, CA.
Estimated Age:Believed to be between 20 and 40 years age
Hair / Eyes:Unknown
Hair Length:Unknown
Height / Weight:Unknown due to absence of long bones
Location of Incident:Unknown where death occurred
Features or Distinguishing Marks:None known
Clothing:No clothing found, jewelry or identification found
Estimated Time Since Death:Believed to be within five years of being found
Circumstances:Partial skull found in desert, believed to have been washed down to its found location during rains. This death is being handled as a homicide
Other:(unidentified 06-332)
2006_07928 Dental Records