Unidentified Victim Details

Unidentified ID:U01-074
Date Died or Found:March 18, 2001
Place Found / Died:Found submerged in riverbed, 1/2 mile east of I-15 and Limonite, Riverside, CA
Estimated Age:30 to 50 years old
Hair / Eyes:Brown. Unknown eye color.
Hair Length:Average of three inches in length
Height / Weight:5 feet 7 inches and approximately 123 pounds
Location of Incident:Unknown
Features or Distinguishing Marks:There were no upper or lower teeth present, no jewelry or tattoos located.
Clothing:None found
Estimated Time Since Death:1 to 5 days prior to found date.
Circumstances:Possible transient found submerged in riverbed. Circumstances unknown at this time.
2001_011647 Fingerprints