Unidentified Victim Details

Unidentified ID:97-037
Date Died or Found:June 18, 1997
Place Found / Died:Found on a hillside near Tyler Avenue and California Avenue in the city of Riverside, CA
Estimated Age:Between 35 and 45 years
Hair / Eyes:Dark brown with gray. Unknown eye color.
Hair Length:Short
Height / Weight:Approximately 6 foot and 155 lbs.
Location of Incident:Rural hillside in southeast Riverside.
Features or Distinguishing Marks:It appeared that his chest hair had been shaved off and was beginning regrowth. Unable to determine tattoos or scars.
Clothing:He was wearing a white T-shirt with Boston Red Sox baseball name and insignia printed on the front of the shirt. He has black Levi denim pants and brown leather (Docker style) shoes, unknown size, but large.
Estimated Time Since Death:Believed to have been dead about two days prior to being found.
Circumstances:Found in some rocks near a hilltop, nude with his clothes nearby. No evidence of injury was found.
1997_3215 Dental Records
1997_3215 Fingerprints
1997_3215 Thumbprints