Unidentified Victim Details

Sex / Race:Male / Believed to be Hispanic
Date Died or Found:July 12. 1994
Place of Death / Found:Found in a ravine off Highway Number 79 (Lamb's Canyon) south of the county landfill, between Moreno Valley and Beaumont, CA
Estimated Age:Possibly 30s to 40s
Hair / Eyes:Brown hair / Unknown eye color
Hair Length:Bushy, to collar
Height / Weight:5 feet 8 inches / Unknown weight
Location of Incident:Off Highway Number 79 between Moreno Valley and Beaumont
Features or distinguishing marks:No tattoos, scars or disfigurements were found. He was not wearing any jewelry or carrying any identification.
Clothing:Blue long sleeve button shirt, black "cosmos" Levi Look Alive jeans and black pull on high top boots. Large yellow metal band on left little finger, yellow metal band with a floral design on his left ring finger, yellow metal band with blue turquoise and blue and red patterns on left middle finger.
Circumstances:Found dumped down hillside, apparent homicide victim.
Other:Case Number 80412
1994_0412 Dental Records