Unidentified Victim Details

Sex / Race:Female / Caucasian
Date Died or Found:January 22, 1991
Place of Death / Found:Found in open desert, one mile south of avenue 62 in the Thermal area of the Coachella Valley, CA
Estimated Age:45 years or older
Estimated Time Since Death:Probably died about May, 1990.
Hair / Eyes:Hair is brownish and straight with tones of red and gray. Eye color is unknown.
Hair Length:Unknown
Height / Weight:5 feet 1 inch to 5 feet 4 inches (small frame). Unknown weight.
Location of Incident:Found in desert.
Features or distinguishing marks:Unremarkable due to condition found.
Circumstances:Skeletal remains were found by hikers in the open desert area. Being handled as a homicide.
Other:Case Number 71659
1991_1659 Dental Records