Year Died or Found:1988
Date Died or Found:December 26
Sex / Race:Female / Caucasian (to include Hispanic)
Online Documents:Dental
Unidentified ID:U88-087
Place of Death / Found:In an alleyway near 4th Street in Perris, CA
Estimated Age:Adult: It is believed this woman is between 30 to 40 years of age.
Hair / Eyes:She had brown/auburn hair and possibly blue or green eyes.
Hair Length:Her hair was shoulder length (8 to 10 inches long).
Height / Weight:She is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and was 105 pounds when found (not actual weight).
Features or distinguishing marks:She had a series of tattoos on her body:
  1. On right shoulder area is a horse's head that turns into a flower.
  2. On the left shoulder area is a depiction of a Harley Davidson eagle with the name of "John " underneath.
  3. On the right side of her pubic area she had a rose with leaves and the name "Stoney" underneath. She had pierced ears.
Clothing:She had been wearing blue denim pants and white cotton underpants. No top was found and no identification or personal items were located.
Circumstances:This woman was placed in a dumpster and set afire. She was found the following day with partial charring to her body. This death is being handled as a homicide.
Other:65454 (U88-087)
Sketch:View large format version of sketch (PDF)
1988-65454 Sketch (PDF)
1988-65454 Dental Records