Year Died or Found:1977
Date Died or Found:February 25
Sex / Race:Female / Caucasian to include Hispanic
Online Documents:Dental
Place of Death / Found:Found in open desert north of I-10 freeway and east of the Cactus City rest stop area, concealed under brush that had been set afire. This area is about 25 miles east of Indio, CA.
Estimated Age:Adult: It is believed this woman was between 40 to 50 years of age.
Estimated Time Since Death:It is believed she had been dead several days to two weeks prior to being found.
Hair / Eyes:Black hair and unknown eye color.
Hair Length:Unknown length.
Height / Weight:5 feet, 4 inches (64 inches) tall and approximately 155 pounds.
Features or distinguishing marks:The body had been burned and no scars, tattoos or disfigurements could be seen. She does have extensive dental work (see below).
Clothing:No clothing or jewelry was found with her.
Circumstances:This woman had been shot to death, her hands removed at the wrists with a sharp instrument, and her body burned. It is believed that she was not killed where she was found. No identification has ever been found for her and no missing person has been associated with her case.
1977-8247 Dental Records