Security Camera Registration Program

If you have a residential or business security camera, the Riverside Sheriff's Office would like your help to prevent and solve crime. 

Security cameras can be a powerful tool in crime deterrence, your participation in this program will expand our investigative abilities and help identify potential witnesses or criminals.

Registering your cameras in this program does not give us free or unrestricted access to your cameras. Your video will allow our investigators to create a readily accessible list to aid them in locating crucial evidence to help them solve crimes.

When a crime is committed, we will refer to the Security Camera Registration list to identify any possible cameras that may have captured something of interest.  We will then contact the camera’s owner and request they provide security video from the date and time of the crime.  This process greatly expedites and enhances the investigation and may lead to the quick apprehension of the criminal.

Participation in the program does not alter your rights to privacy in any way and is completely voluntary. We will not have access to your footage unless you provide it. Registrant information is kept confidential and the registrant can withdraw at any time.

Withdraw Request