Emergency Operations Division

  1. Capt De Marco

    Brian De Marco


The Emergency Operations Division (EOD) is comprised of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the Sheriff’s Aviation Unit. EOD provides operational, logistical and emergency support services during routine, extraordinary or catastrophic incidents. EOD supports public safety agencies within Riverside County and neighboring counties through the California Office of Emergency Services.

EOD Logo

The Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team’s:

  • Dive Team
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Team
  • Mounted Enforcement Detail
  • Volunteer Search and Rescue Teams

The Sheriff’s Aviation Unit operates the following aircraft:

2 – Airbus H125 helicopters

3 – Airbus AS350 B3 helicopters

1 – Airbus H145 helicopter

1 – Cessna 182 fixed wing airplane

The Airbus H125s and AS350 B3 helicopters are primarily operated in support of patrol operations. The Airbus H145 is a twin turbine helicopter primarily operated in support of search and rescue operations with emergency medical technicians assigned to the crew.