What does "sustained finding" mean?

"Sustained" means a final determination by the agency, following an investigation and opportunity for an administrative appeal, that the actions of the peace officer were found to violate department policy.

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1. What categories of records must be made public under SB-1421?
2. What does "sustained finding" mean?
3. If I request a qualifying record, will I get every part of the record, in its entirety?
4. Aside from the mandated information is there anything else that the Department can choose to redact?
5. Can the Department withhold a record that falls into one of the disclosure categories?
6. What does the extraction process involve for video/electronic records?
7. What does the extraction process involve for body worn camera video?
8. How long will it take to get my requested record(s)?
9. How will I get my redacted records?