Deputy Randy Robert Lutz

Medal of Honor - Deputy Randy Robert LutzLutz

ID Number 1517

December 11, 1959 to June 22, 1989

Deputy Randy Lutz was employed with Riverside County Sheriff’s Department three years. He was hired on April 29, 1987, and assigned to Riverside Patrol. He was assigned to the Norco Motorcycle Patrol in June 1989.

Deputy Lutz attended the Police Reserve Academy at Fullerton College and received his POST certificate in June 1981. He began his law enforcement career in 1982 with the California State Police. In 1983, he joined the San Jacinto Police Department and in 1987, joined the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

In 1986, he was named Officer of the Year in San Jacinto. In 1988, Deputy Lutz was nominated for Peace Officer of the Year for his role in the aftermath of the gunshot wounding of a fellow Riverside Sheriff’s Deputy.

Motorcycle AccidentMedal of Honor

He played a major role in initiating the motorcycle program in Norco. While patrolling the Norco area on June 22, 1989, Deputy Lutz came upon slow/stopped traffic. Deputy Lutz swerved into the center lane to avoid the traffic jam. After swerving into the center lane, Deputy Lutz collided with a pickup truck. He was killed instantly.

Deputy Randy Lutz was survived by his wife and his two daughters. He was also survived by his parents and one sister. Deputy Lutz was born in Aurora, Illinois.