Year Died or Found:1980
Date Died or Found:February 16
Sex / Race:Female / Caucasian
Online Documents:Fingerprints
Unidentified ID:U80-003
Place of Death / Found:Down a ravine off of Highway 74, south of Palm Desert, CA
Estimated Age:Adult: 20 to 25 years of age
Estimated Time Since Death:1 to 2 days
Hair / Eyes:Light brown hair with hazel eyes
Hair Length:Worn short and wavy, about 3 to 4 inches long
Height / Weight:5 feet, 4 inches and 120 pounds
Features or distinguishing marks:She is well groomed with manicured fingernails, recent hair cut, and nice clothing. She has a 5-inch scar on her right forearm and a 1-inch scar on her upper right arm. No jewelry or tattoos were found.
Clothing:She was wearing a tan colored long sleeve velour blouse with royal blue color pants and tan sandals. No sizes were available.
Circumstances:This young woman was found at the bottom of a 35-foot ravine near a turn-out in the mountainous area of Highway 74 near Palm Desert. She was fully dressed and no purse or identification was found. This case is being handled as a homicide.
Other:#44366, unidentified number U80-003
1980-4366 Sketch
1980-4366 Fingerprint Records