How long will it take to get my requested record(s)?

In order to calculate the total number of hours estimated to complete your request, the Sheriff's Department must first identify all incidents responsive to your request and review the amount of material related to each incident. For example, on average, it takes one employee two hours to extract every one minute of video footage. This is because the video has to be extracted frame by frame. The time spent redacting audio files is anticipated to be approximately equal to the length of the audio file and about one hour to extract every 100 electronic pages. The Department is actively looking for additional advanced technology to expedite this redaction process and is open to suggestions from the media and the public regarding such a solution.

The Sheriff's Department receives many public records requests every day. It does not have a dedicated staff to handle such a high volume of requests. Inquiries are farmed out to the appropriate Sheriff's Units. Employees tasked with responding to these CPRA requests must do so while still completing their day to day responsibilities.

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