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1. How do I find my law enforcement agency?
2. What do I do about loud music, noise or barking dogs?
3. My car was stolen, who do I call?
4. People are riding off-road vehicles on private property without permission. Who do I call?
5. What should I do if I see a stray dog?
6. What are the operating hours for the Sheriff's Station's front counters?
7. Can I talk to an officer or detective at the front counter?
8. Can I make a report over the phone?
9. Can I make a report using my computer?
10. How do I file a commendation or complaint against the Sheriff's Office?
11. Who can get a copy of a report?
12. Does the Sheriff's Office provide fingerprinting services to the public?
13. My vehicle was towed, how do I find out where it is and how to get it back?
14. Can I pay for a parking ticket online?
15. Is there a charge to have a Sheriff's Deputy appear as a witness in a court?
16. What do I do if I want to evict somebody from a rental property?